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WiMax Technology

The WiMax technology has various advantage and has been relatively successful. Among those is that it is a relatively new technology that enables communication over a relatively long distance compared to WiFi.

In WiMax confirguration,Mobile users could use it as a faster and longer range alternative to WiFi and corporate or home users could use it in a fixed environment as a replacement or backup to DSL.

As WiMAX is easy to use, low cost, and relatively fast companies and organizations begin to use WiMAX to communicate between offices, relatively near to each other and provide campus wide wireless connectivity to employees. WiMAX enabled card can be used to connect to those networks by employee’s computers. Public places such as airports, parks and coffee shops can outfit with WiMAX access points.

Damall offer development and deployment on request based on the technology typically in remote area or to solve and independent and stable connection together with certain applications.