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Our Products

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Since its founding, Damall has been focused in offering customers a range of different solutions and products – from ready-made retail products to fully personalized and licensed private labels.

Always looking to be competitive, Damall products are all fully compliant with global industry standards.

Damall provides both next generation networking communications solutions and communication applications and terminals, consumer electronics that enable or enhance IP Communication for private customers, businesses and organizations.

Our Products & Solutions

The solutions and products line includes wired and wireless products and solutions such as :


Data and Telecom Board for Media & Signal Processing


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Internet Protocol Solutions


Voice & Video Over IP Hardware & their Application Software


Gateways & IP Adapters


Unified Communication


Video processing


Big Data Enabled e-Healthcare Solutions Development


Connected Objects (IoT) & Blockchain Based Application Software

Damall believes in the future of IP based communications and aims to enable users at any level to have affordable products that meet their requirements.

Damall’s force relies in its strong in house research and development team together with personalized international customer support. Damall’s development team is continuously in search of innovative new products and services to meet future challenges in the global communications environment. Our sales team is always looking for new opportunities to work with different systems and users.

With these advantages, Damall is continuously delivering product development and technology outsourcing in the integrated communications industry along with standard product lines for various application sectors.