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Damall Solo IMS & e-Healthcare

The future of the communication relies in the IP based rich communication services (RCS) that have been recently a core development focus of Damall Technologies.

At Damall, we imagine tomorrow’s free and affordable remote healthcare thanks to all-in-one check-diagnostic-notification-monitoring- Communication scenario where the whole world can have access to a virtual healthcare thanks to the internet, Big Data and the great use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Thanks to Damall Solo IMS, businesses can deliver performances remotely and improve efficiency and performances.

The technology enables telecom grade virtual hospitalization with remote diagnostics, data sharing over secure networks.

Thanks to the next generation payment services, the system will also enable people at remote site to have access to healthcare or public services with minimum public or private support.

Damall Solo IMS API enable service providers to deploy rapidly all-in-one an efficient unified and decentralized IP based rich communication system that enable high efficiency services thanks to our Blockchain applications.

Our API facilitate provisioning and monitoring of many IP connected devices with the ability to transmit sensitive and important data in real time compliant with real time HD Voice or Video over IP call where necessary, enabling businesses, patients, organizations and service providers to communicate efficiently and implement accountable virtual service systems.